Criterion III: Research, Innovations and Extension

3.1 Resource Mobilization for Research

3.1.1.   Grants for research projects

3.1.2.   Teachers recognized as research guides

3.1.3.   Research projects per teacher funded

3.2 Innovation Ecosystem

3.2.1.   Ecosystem for Innovations

3.2.2.   Number of Workshops/seminars conducted

3.3 Research Publications and Awards

3.3.1.   Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism

3.3.2.   Incentives provided by the Institution to teachers

3.3.3.   Ph.D’s awarded per recognized guides

3.3.4.   Research papers in the Journal per teacher

3.3.5.   Conference /  Book published per teacher

3.4 Extension Activities

3.4.1.   Extension activities in the neighborhood community

3.4.2.   Awards and recognition in extension activities

3.4.3.   Extension and outreach programs conducted

3.4.4.   Students Participation in extension activities

3.5 Collaboration       

3.5.1.   Linkages   

3.5.2.   Functional MoUs