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Criterion I: - Curricular Aspects

1.1 Curriculum Planning and Implementation

1.1.1.   Effective Curriculum Delivery

1.1.2.   Certificate Course

1.2 Academic Flexibility

1.2.1.   New Courses

1.2.2.   CBCS / Elective Courses

1.2.3.   Students Enrolled in Certificate Course / Value Added Courses   

1.3 Curriculum Enrichment

1.3.1.   Cross Cutting Issues Related Courses

1.3.2.   Value Added Course

1.4 Feedback System

1.4.1.   Structured Feedback

Feedback Forms for Curriculum & Syllabi 

Student's Feedback Form         -         Old Format          New Format

Faculty's Feedback Form          -        Old Format           New Format  

Alumni Feedback Form             -        Old Format           New Format

Parent's Feedback Form           -        Old Format           New Format

1.4.2.   Feedback Process

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