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The institution adheres to the academic calendar for the conduct of CIE

Academic Calendar: 

In the beginning of a semester, academic calendar is prepared in discussion with all the HoDs. Reopening date of the semester, number of days allotted to complete a unit, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, Conferences, College annual day celebration, graduation day, faculty development programme, Independence day, Republic day, importance leaders’ birthday celebration or death day observation, Engineers’ day, symposiums are preplanned in the meeting with HoDs and they are incorporated in the academic calendar. Considering the prefixed programme, exam date for Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE) is fixed. The academic calendar is displayed on notice board and also available in website for the use of students and faculty members. Since sufficient space is given for all the activities, CIE tests are conducted without any disturbance to the students. Three unit tests and two model exam will be normally conducted for CIE. The institution has centralized Exam cell to conduct CIE as per the schedule mentioned in the academic calendar. The results of CIE tests are declared and informed to the students within the stipulated period of time.

Time table for the CIE: 

The exam cell coordinator of the institute prepares a common time table for all the departments for the smooth conduct of the exam well before the beginning of the CIE tests as per the academic calendar. The prepared time table is verified by individual faculty, HODs, department exam cell coordinators in order to avoid subject clashes in the exam schedule. The hall invigilators for the CIE are scheduled well in advance.

Preparation of Lesson Plan in accordance with the academic calendar:

The faculty members prepared the lesson plan well in advance adhering to the academic calendar. The lesson plan will be submitted along with the course file before the beginning of the semester to the HoD for approval. Lab Manuals will be prepared /updated according to the curriculum before the commencement of every semester.

Class committee meeting:

The class committee meeting is conducted for all the classes well before the commencement of the internal exam. The completion of portions in accordance with the lesson plan, course feedback, faculty feedback and other general grievances are discussed in the class committee meeting.

Internal Assessment Schedule:

Anna University releases Internal Assessment Schedule just before the commencement of the semester. This schedule includes four report periods for the entry of attendance and entry of test marks required for calculation of internal marks. The academic calendar prepared by the institute will be in accordance with the internal assessment schedule released by Anna University..

Mechanism for counseling the students:

Our Institution strongly believes in Mentor Protégé system to counsel our student in all aspects. Each staff member in the department are designated as “Mentor” with a minimum of 10 to 15 students assigned to them. The criteria for categorizing the students and Mentors is in the form of alphabetical order of their names.

Internal Assessment Schedule:

The important role of a Class Co-ordinator is to inform the details about the exam schedule to their parents through phone call, SMS/ Whatsapp well in advance. If a student is absent for the exam, intimation is given to the parents immediately.

Compensation of unexpected holidays:

Though preplanned, there are some occasions like cyclone, heavy rainfall, and elections, local holidays which may interrupt the planned schedule. In partial modification in the academic schedule, Saturdays which are usually holiday for students will be conducted as compensatory working day to avoid collapse in the academic calendar.

Stress point relieving:

The student can feel free to approach their respective Mentor for any exam related grievances. The Mentor analyze all the factors that affects the student and provide solution to relieve the stress of the students.

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