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Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE) system at the institutional level

Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) System at the Institutional Level 

Our affiliating Anna University prescribes three Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) tests in a semester. But, our College conducts five tests in a semester to give more practice to our students to face the University exams with confidence. Out of five tests, three tests are for 50 marks are conducted for I-Unit, II-Unit and IV-Unit and two tests for 100 marks are conducted as Model Exam for first three units and all five units. In all the above tests, pattern prescribed by Anna University is strictly followed and the pattern is given below:

Our Institute adopts the following reforms: 

  • The faculty members handling the subjects set the question papers which are verified by a Senior Faculty member and HOD. Two or three random answer booklets are evaluated by the concerned HOD and constructive improvement tips are given to the students through the subject handling teacher. Open Book Tests are conducted during post regular hours. The students have to go to the library for gathering the books for the questions assigned by the faculty members. The same have to be submitted to the faculty member within the stipulated time period.

  • The University Exam Pattern for improving the presentation skill of our students are demonstrated in the class which includes, Do’s and Don’ts in the exams, the time management strategies, the way of presenting the content in the paper.

  • Course materials are prepared by faculty members and distributed to the students. Keys for university question papers are prepared by the faculty members and the same is kept as Reference in the library. The best answer booklets of both the Unit Test and the Model Exam are selected and circulated to the students in the class to motivate them for further improvement in their performance.

  • As a token of appreciation in the tests, small gift will be given. This immensely boosts the other students to achieve their level best in their coming exams. “Hats off” card, a new initiative to appreciate the achievers, shall be displayed in the notice board.

  • To improve the knowledge of the students in real-time applications and to compete the Contemporary challenging scenario, “HOTS” [High Order Thinking Skill] questions are discussed and included in the question papers. In order to improve the analytical skills, logical thinking, Problem solving capabilities of the students, the HOTS questions are included in Part-C of the question paper. This make the students to focus on today’s challenging competitive career aspects.

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