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Innovation and creativity in teaching-learning

Innovations and creativity in teaching learning is practiced as follows:

Course objective and outcome

Students are well informed about the course objective and outcome in the beginning of the course to make them understand the need of studying that course and the use of attaining the knowledge on that course. Possibilities of pursuing projects are also initiated.

Power point presentation

Power point presentations are prepared to teach any Engineering concept by means of pictures. Single picture is equal to hundred words. Moreover, different perceptions of a picture can be shown to make the students understand even better. The time spent in drawing diagrams on board can be eliminated. of course, the students will practice drawing the same diagrams via assignments.


Single video is equal to 100 pictures. Videos explaining the basic concepts will be screened to students to understand better. Moreover, YouTube channels are started by all the departments to upload videos in Engineering concepts by our faculty members for our students and other learners’ use.


The faculty members are motivates the students to perform simulations in the form of giving real time exercises through which the students would easily comprehend the gist of the subject content through “Learn by Doing” mode of delivery which has reaped tremendous interest amidst the students

Learning from models

Models are created for subjects such as Engineering Drawing, Dynamics, Automobiles were models were shown to explain the working principle. For example, different gear models in mesh are demonstrated. The difference in teeth profile, meshing distance and its applications could be clearly explained using the models. The worn out parts from faculty members’ bike, cars, bore well pumps and motors are displayed in labs for explanation to students about their description and working.

Experiential learning

Real time projects like conversion of IC engine condemned bike into live Electric vehicle, bringing a condemned two wheeler into good working condition, condemned photocopy machines are studied and set right to original working condition are some of the projects given to students during the semester, where a team of students will work for it during their lab and CCA periods.

Experimental learning

Some exercises in the lab are changed to alternate methods to increase the understanding capabilities of the students. For example, Lee’s disc apparatus is to find the thermal conductivity of the given material (cock) in the class work. The same exercise is given to students with a different insulating material, asbestos to experimentally know the fact behind that exercise. This is being practiced in all possible labs.

Interactive learning

Normally, students are allowed to ask questions at the end of the class. If questions are not raised by the students, then the teacher starts asking questions on the taught exercise to ensure their understanding status. If they are not able to answer, then the teacher shall once again explain the concept. Moreover, rapid round among all the students is practiced to tell at least one point about the question asked.

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