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 The institution assesses the learning levels of the students, after admission and organises special programs for advanced learners and slow learners

Bridge Course 

The objective of organizing bridge course for students admitted in first year is to make the students familiar about college atmosphere as they step out from schooling. As most of students are from rural vicinity, this 15-20 days bridge course encapsulates the holistic approach of students’ development. A team of teachers prepares the schedule to educate the students in soft skills and life skills The institution invites experts, academicians, industrialists, psychologists, activists, Doctors, Social workers to infuse the fresh blood with inputs pertinent not only to their academia but also identify the innate potential of what they want to be in their career.

Co-curricular and extra curricular activities 

  • Students are encouraged to participate in workshops/ symposiums/ seminars conducted by other reputed institutions to widen their technical knowledge and to develop communication skills. After attending such programmes, students are instructed to do power point presentation on their  learning to other students. Students are also allowed to organize such programme in our College to learn event management and to be versatile.

  • Equal importance is given to sports, games, developing individual’s skills in various passions like singing, dancing, mimicry etc. Students have participated in various contests conducted by Hello FM, other Colleges, TV channels, news media and some trusts. Some of our students have set their career in such areas.

Mentor System

Mentor and mentees shall meet on every Friday 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm to discuss various happenings in and around our College to update the present ambience. Some requests, some grievances, some appreciations, some feedbacks will be given by the mentees and the same shall be recorded and submitted to the Principal for his information and subsequent further action.

Parents Meeting

The respective Class Coordinators arrange Parents meeting under the guidance of their HoDs twice in a semester in accordance with the academic calendar of the institute. The HOD’s/ class coordinators shall address the all presented student’s parents in common forum followed by meeting with individual parent to discuss specific cases.

Weekly Attendance

The Class Coordinator prepares weekly attendance status of the students and gets signature from all the students. This initiative makes our students to attend the classes properly and avoid lack of attendance at the end of the semester. Undertaking from parents is obtained for the students having less than 75% of attendance on weekly basis.

Quick and slow learners

  • Quick and slow learners will be decided based on the performance in their internal assessment tests. Quick learners will follow Co-curricular activities (CCA), where developing English proficiency, Communication skills, mock interview, group discussions, aptitude training, seminar on innovations will be conducted by the students under the supervision of a teacher.

  • Slow learners shall follow Special Coaching Class (SCC), where one 13 marks question and two 2 marks questions will be given. The students have to study for half an hour and should write the test for next half an hour. Both CCA and SCC will happen from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm on daily basis

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