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Lab Details


The department has the following labs with high quality equipments:

  • Twenty five computers with Latest configuration and required software tools such as Xilinix, Tanner EDA

  • Latest VLSI Kits and required interfaces

  • Spectrum Analyzer Lab

  • MAT Lab Laboratory

  • TMS Kit Laboratory

  • GPS Kit,VLSI,XILINK Laboratory

  • Advanced Fiber optic communication Kit Lab

  • To cater to the practical inputs required by the programme, a VLSI Design Laboratory equipped with several up-to-date VLSI CAD tools like ORCAD, MICROSIM, SABER and FPGA/PLD has been setup. The curriculum of the programme is so designed that students from all branches of Electrical Sciences have scope to learn and develop new algorithms for testing VLSI systems. The curriculum consists of core courses devoted to the design basics of VLSI designs, the hardware description languages and CAD tools. The elective courses are oriented towards imparting specialized knowledge and skills in the use of advanced VLSI design techniques for the different disciplines within Electrical Sciences. The students devote their final semester entirely to project work. Department of ECE.

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