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About the Department


M.E. degree course on VLSI Design with intake 18 students provides just that to aspiring postgraduates from all branches of Electrical Sciences.The post graduate in engineering programme spread over a short span of 4 semesters aims to train professionals in specialized areas and is constantly evaluated and upgraded to reflect the latest scientific and technological advances.the department works with 2 fold target of creating congenial and conductive academic ambience for future career and to create a pool of man power who can carry out R&D activities.The course structure prepares students for the existing and emerging jobs in the application of information systems and technology to plan,analyse,design,construct,maintain and manage projects/ products.


Our mission is to develop innovative and novel concepts into the minds of younger engineers and infuse scientific temper in the engineering students and guide them towards research in the field of Electronic and communication Technology and also to develop collaborative Research and Development with leading organizations in India and abroad. Also to produce committed and social responsible electronics engineers.

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