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Stakeholder Feedback

IQAC of Indra Ganesan College of Engineering strongly believes and adheres to the feedback solicited from diverse stakeholders pertinent to nurture, mould and harness the holistic development of our institution at large. We are requesting you to download the below mentioned link which is appropriate to you and seeking your valuable suggestions and feedback for the growth and escalation of our institution with leaps and bounds.

Feedback Forms for Curriculum & Syllabi

Student's Feedback Form                     -            Old Format          New Format

Faculty's Feedback Form                     -             Old Format           New Format  

Alumni Feedback Form                       -             Old Format           New Format

Parent's Feedback Form                      -             Old Format           New Format (English Format)  (Tamil Format)

Employer's Feedback Form                 -             Old Format           New Format  

Feedback Analysis

Feedback  Evaluation Analysis and Action Taken Report

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