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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Research Centre

research centre

The department has established its own research centre in a separate place. The research publications of the faculty members and students are compiled and placed in this research centre. There are two Personal Computers with high speed Internet Connection and all latest softwares such as Python with Deep Learning Library (Tensoflow, PyTorch), Matlab with Image Processing, Communication tool boxes , Tanner EDA, CST Microwave studio etc. The following remarkable projects have been completed by the students and faculty members

  • A software tool for “Computer Aided Diagnosis of Breast cancer” has been developed by Dr. N. Vaijayanthi. For this purpose the mammogram images have been collected from Government Hospital, Trichy. Dr. V. Senthilvel Murugan, HOD , Department of Radiology, KAPV Government Medical Hospital  has validated the results.

  • The research work titled “Certain investigations on Modulation classification and Power allocation for OFDM based Cognitive Radio Network” has been completed by Prof. M. Bhuvaneswari, and waiting for Ph.D. Viva Voce Examination.

  • The project titled “Smart System for Crop Protection and Animal Diversion in Irrigation Field”  is on going.

  • A Proposal to organize an” International Conference on Role of AI and ICT for Sustainable Development Goals” has been submitted for Grant to Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

  • A Project Proposal titled “Rapid Diagnostic tool for COVID-19 in Chest CT Images based on Deep Learning” has been submitted to Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).


Dr. N. Vaijayanthi

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  • VLSI Implementation of Self-Repairing Digital System Based On Endocrine Cellular Communication (NCICTC’14), EASA College of Engineering and Technology, 28thFebruary-2014

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  • Mapping quantum inspired evolutionary algorithm onto CGRA , National conference on Recent Trends in Computing,Image processing and Network Technologies(CONCINT-12).J.K.K. Munirajah College of Technology, Erode,24th March 2012

  • Iterative joint  detection for multiple   access interference concellation using PS CDMA, International conference on Engineering trends and Science & Humanities(ICETSH-2015). Imayam college of  Engineering ,30th March 2015

  • Accurate testing of linearity in high resolution ADC with low precision DAC using BIST, International conference on Engineering trends and Science & Humanities(ICETSH-2015). Imayam college of  Engineering ,30th March 2015

N.Priscilla Vilam Manorathi

  • Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells by Multiple Level Set Functions Optimization, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 24 (S2): 335-339, 2016 ,ISSN 1990-9233  © IDOSI Publications, 2016,  DOI: 10.5829/idosi.mejsr.2016.24.S2.242

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V. Srinath

  • Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Network using Modified Energy Sheduling Algorithm, SSRG International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering

    • ( SSRG – IJECE ) – Special Issue ICCREST Mar 2019 ISSN: 2348 – 8549 DOI: 10.14445/23488549/IJECE-ICCREST-P101


  • Trellis Min – Max Decoder Architecture For Non Binary LDPC Codes With High Order Galois Fields, International Journal of Research Science and Engineering, 2018.

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