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Core Values

Excellence in Education

We endeavor to provide quality education to every student by encouraging, participation in co-curricular activities, innovation and industrial collaboration. We also strive for continuous improvement in education and measure its progress with appropriate evaluation. We encourage Entrepreneurship and Value added education to achieve personal and professional success.


We are committed to impart ethical and responsible behavior in our students, thus fostering the individuals to engage positively with a diverse and changing world.

Research and Innovation

The institution is committed to promote research oriented learning, strive to explore innovative ideas and adapt to industry needs.

Social Accountability

The institution believes in being socially responsible. We bring comprehensive awareness among the students about the challenging issues in the society and motivate them in community engagement through social clubs and activities.

Environmental Sustainability

We emphasize on “Go Green Campus”,”Plastic Free Campus” to share the responsibility of protecting the environment. Considering the faster rate of environmental degradation, the students are encouraged to participate in certain activities related to environmental conservation.

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